Richard Briers on Odious Comparisons, 2012
An enchanting book. Odious Comparisons is very funny, terribly clever, and so poignant at times.”

Val Hennessy, Daily Mail, 13 December, 2003
“Gorgeously illustrated – A perfect, ruthless rhyme to read aloud to grandchildren or friends for a good laugh.”

Literary Review, December 2002/January 2003
“A darkly humorous, Edwardian cautionary tale.”

Booklish review, Odious Comparisons, 2012
“A bittersweet tale in illustrated verse. Together verse and picture tell the story of William, a rustic romantic, overjoyed at the prospect of another year living the good life, and his much put-upon wife Flora, whose only means of complaint throughout most of the book is her world weary facial expression.”